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Welcome to my tribute page to Disney's HAUNTED MANSION! I was thinking to myself what is up with my love of haunted houses....This has to be the answer. I was about 12 when I visited the mansion and I loved every minute of it. Here you will find some of my favorite creepy photos of the mansion inside and out!
Here is a beautiful picture of the mansion lit up at night!
Here is what you see when you enter the foyer..
When the man in the portrait changed to a ghoul
I freaked out! LOL
Here he is as a ghoul...Could he be THE Dorrian Grey???
Look at the beauty  and detail they put into this creepy
hallway...hey, is that candle stick floating by itself????
Here is some trivia for you! Did you know that the ghostly organ inside the Haunted Mansion was origionally from the movie 20,000 leagues under the sea? This is a photo of Nemo playing it in the movie!

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