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Halloween is what do I do??? LOL...start on Christmas! My Christmas page will be updated very soon! I was surprised at the number of trick or treaters we had last night with all the real life scares going on. Nicole had a blast scaring people and yes my hubby got into his scream costume and sat on the roof! I tried something new this year and bought dried ice. I worked great if you kept pouring hot water on it every 2 minutes! LOL. The kids had so much fun last night that most of them stayed and helped scare people. We had our own haunted house goin on! Please say a little prayer for my mom she is having serve abdominal pain and they are doing tests on her liver, spleen and kidney on monday.  I won't have her back in Indiana until November 20th or so. She was crying on the phone last night afraid that she would be a burdon. I told her to pack up...Thanks...

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November 1st Thursday!
TRIBUTE PAGE...ATTACK ON AMERICA..PICS THAT YOU HAVE REQUESTED. I held nothing back...may be offensive to is the truth to me.


Kudos letters and stuff...
Carmen,since my 24 year old hubby has Chronic
Myelogenous Leukemia ,I have wanted to give back to
the world some how.I have breast cancer and Hep C,so I
can't donate marrow or blood,but I created a website
for support.I was wondering if you could put my
support group on your website.I don't know if it costs
to do that or not.Please let me know,I need all the
help I can get.LOL.My web addy is called Angels of
the email addy is.
you for everything.If you can't its okay.God Bless
                       Love Tiffany Wickware

Dear Carmen,
I'm not one to send e-mails to web-sites, but to you I'll make an exception.  It used to be that I couldn't go any where during the week because I didn't want to miss one episode of Dark Shadows being replayed on the Sci-Fi channel.  Now, I'm afraid, I can't plan my day until I've completely read your pages.  Does this look like a pattern to you.  I guess I really must get a life.  Today I spent the whole day on the couch watching reruns of "In Search Of. . ." with Leonard Nimoy!So much for getting any house work done.   Any way, in spite of my obsession with the wierd and the wacky, I do love your site.  I have laughed and cried and gotten ticked off with some of those jerks that write you just to dis you.  Isn't it sad, that with all the wickedness in the world right infront of our faces on the news and in the papers, that people still have to be ugly to a "house wife in Indiana", who is just trying to make a living.  Really now, how could anyone have thought you were pushing something pornographic on your sight?  This woman (or what ever it was) has the mind of a teenage boy.                            
Any way Carmen,  I feel like your are my neighbor and a good friend, and don't let the jerks make you sad.  Everything we do in this life reflects our reward in the one to come.  Some people will get more rewards (silver clicks?) than others.  I'll bet you'll be one of the one's with the most!!!!
Have a wonderful Halloween.   Nan

Hello, I just thought I would give you directions to
find the picture. I went to google .com and punched in
"photos of September 11 detnews", then I went down to
the one that said September 11. On the front page
there is a large photo of the towers, then as you
scroll down in the middle of the page there is a
smaller photo of people running from the towers, under
the picture it says"photos of the attacks", click on
this. It will take you to the photo page then you just
go to the 4th picture. Good luck I hope you see what I

Thanks again & GOD BLESS!!!


*This is where you will find the picture of Jesus in the smoke...thanks Christing..will look for it today!*

Sometime ago  (Late 80’s early 90’s) I went to college with an older lady who had been at a funeral.  She had taken a photo and unwittingly captured on film the most detailed likeness of Christ I have ever seen.  The details of the picture she brought to class were crystal clear.  The picture was taken in the daytime on a sunny day and likewise you could see everything.  The pleats in his robe, the holes in his hands, his face, it was amazing.  In the photo, his arms were out stretched and he was coming from a big burst of white clouds.
Your site is the closest thing I have seen to the cloud likeness of Christ in some ten years or so since I was shown the photograph by this older lady who’s probably passed on by now.  Truly inspirational!
Dale Hicks  

This letter is referring to my page Jesus in the clouds..

hhof baby cam
week 15
I feel much better...looking! Pee constantly....

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Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up.
   James 4:10 KJV

I love you guys and will talk to ya tomorrow!
God bless,
Your HHOF webby,
Carmen E.

Todays true ghost story!
just about 3 years ago right now, a very dear friend of my chris' passed away. chris and he had argued over what he was doing with his life..let's just say that he was on a destructive path. they hadn't spoken to each other in a year and che' (chris' friend) came back to texas to surprise his family and also to try and talk things out with chris. he came  to dallas and sad to say he died that night in a hotel chris and he never got to have that talk. che' and i were also close...i knew him since he was about 10 and we used to  just sit and talk and talk about all kinds of things..he trusted me. the last time i saw him we even talked about the path he had chosen and i told him i was very worried about him and was afraid for him. when he was just many things left unsaid, no chance to convince him to get help so alot of guilt and anger was laying heavy on everyone's hearts. two days after he passed i was was around 3:00 am and i suddenly awoke and my bedroom was full of light and there che' stood at the foot of my bed. i sat up to make sure i was awake and i was not even a little bit afraid. my room felt so peaceful and he looked so beautiful and angelic. i called out to him and he said....true, please tell everyone i am better than ok now....i am being healed over here and i am surrounded by more love and true beauty than you can imagine and i am learning where i went wrong with my life. then he gave me one last look and said...send my love to everyone and tell them i am so sorry for the sorrow i have caused. he then gave me a high five sign in the air and said....see ya later true....we will meet again when it is your time to come. needless to say i couldn't sleep for awhile as i thought about what had just happened because i had been worrying about where he went since he abused himself enough to die even tho it wasn't what he had planned. this story was hard for me to write...not only because of it being so sad and a waste of life but also because i didn't want anyone to think that this was an evil thing. i just can't help it when i have these things happen to me and trust me my faith in GOD is strong and evil is something i want no part of. have a happy and safe halloween and love, peace and blessings to all out there in hhof land!     true
p.s. i am really not nuts, i promise!!!!! 

Please send your true ghost stories!!!!!!  
email me here

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Todays recipe...

Crown Pork Roast with Apple-Walnut Stuffing *

Recipe By     :
Serving Size  : 12   Preparation Time :0:00
Categories    : Pork                             Stuffing
                Holidays                         Vegetables

  Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
--------  ------------  --------------------------------
          ---           -------------------PATTI -
   7      lb            Crown pork roast (12 rib)
                        Salt & pepper to taste
                        ---------------------------APPLE WALNUT -- ¥
     1/3  cup             Butter or margarine
   1      large            Onion -- finely chopped
   2                    Celery stalks -- fine chopped
   1       cup            Red cooking apple -- chopped
   1       cup            Green cooking apple -- chopped
   2       cup            White bread cubes -- toasted
   1       cup            Walnuts -- chopped
   2       tb           Dried whole leaf sage
     1/2   ts           Dried rosemary
     1/2   ts           Dried thyme
   1       lg           Egg -- beaten
     1/2   cup            Milk
     1/2   ts           Salt
     1/4   ts           Pepper

  ROAST: Make sure roast is well trimmed; season with salt & pepper. Fold
a   piece of aluminum foil into an 8" square; place on rack in roasting
pan.   Place roast, bone ends up, on foil-lined rack. Bake at 325~ for 1
hour. Cut   a piece of foil long enough to fir around ribs. Wrap foil
around ribs and   fold over tips of ribs. Spoon stuffing into center of
roast; cover with   additional foil. Insert meat thermometer into roast
without touching fat or   bone. Bake at 325~ for 1-1/2 hours or until meat
thermometer reaches 160~.   Remove foil from roast; let stand 15 minutes
before serving.      STUFFING: Melt butter in a small skillet over
medium-high heat; add onion   and celery and cook, stirring constantly,
until tender. Combine apples,   bread cubes, walnuts and seasonings in a
large bowl; stir in vegetable   mixture, egg and remaining ingredients.   
  NOTE: Stuffing can be made separately. Spoon into a lightly greased
11x7"   baking dish. Bake at 350~ for 30 minutes.      SOURCE: Southern
Living Magazine, Fall 1995.